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Two funny moments during Alex Smith’s press conference after the Chiefs win

Things are a lot more comfortable in the interview room after a win because the press isn’t grilling Andy Reid or the players trying to figure out why they lost a game. Alex Smith was more comfortable on Monday night after he led the Chiefs to a comeback win over the Redskins, 29-20. There were two funny moments that stood out.

First, a reporter was asking Alex Smith about the pass to Albert Wilson late in the game when they were driving for the game winning field goal. Alex had scrambled to his right, kept his eyes downfield and found Wilson for the big gain. It was a huge play in the game.

The reporter (I believe Todd Leabo from 810 if I recall) said something like, “The critics say you don’t look downfield when you’re scrambling...” And after the question, Alex stopped and said, “They say that?” Ha.

The other one came a couple of questions later and it was an unintentional slight in the question. A reporter said, “You got to show off some toughness we haven’t seen in Kansas City...” Watching Alex’s face was very funny because he raised his eyebrows, like, what are you saying? The reporter just phrased it a little weird and didn’t mean anything by it but it got a good laugh from the media.

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