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Some context to Alex Smith’s numbers this season

If my quarterback is compared to MVP players, you can count on me blogging about it.

Three times in the last 40 years a quarterback has led the NFL in completion percentage, yards per attempt and passer rating after Week 7 and three times that quarterback went on to win an MVP and a Super Bowl.

Ahem, make that four times in the past 40 years as Alex Smith leads in all those categories after Week 7.

Does this mean Alex Smith is going to win the MVP and a Super Bowl? Of course not. But it’s still pretty damn cool to see stats like this and puts into context the type of season he’s having. He doesn’t seem to be playing that much better than usual. Granted, he is playing really well but we’re used to a one or two touchdown and no interception game from Alex, which we’ve seen a few times this season. What we’re not used to are the three touchdown games, which he’s done twice this season (and once with four).

At what point do we get an MVP chant going at Arrowhead? Gotta wait for December and see if he’s still at it right?

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