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Marcus Peters was fined $9k for his hit on Derek Carr

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The hit that sparked the brawl that resulted in Marshawn Lynch’s suspension has cost one KC Chiefs player over $9,000. According to the KC Star’s Terez Paylor, the NFL has fined Chiefs CB Marcus Peters $9,115 for his late hit on Raiders QB Derek Carr last week.

I’m guessing Chiefs coach Andy Reid would disagree with that fine. Here’s what he said about the hit on Carr:

“He’s a runner,” Reid told the media last week. “That was a quarterback draw. Once you do that, you’re declared a runner until that whistle blows. So he was playing. I’m not gonna knock him for that. It’s hard to get the whole call there on what they said. Once he’s designated, he’s no different than a running back. That’s the rule.”

The hit “looked” late to me but read what Reid said there. Carr was a runner and I didn’t hear a whistle before that. I’m not sure how they interpret that one.


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