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The Kansas City Chiefs defense needs more turnovers

I write this knowing I could be the jinx guy but here goes: The Chiefs haven’t committed a turnover since the first offensive play of the season which was 423 snaps ago. According to Elias (via the KC Star), the last team to go that long without a turnover this long was another Alex Smith team — the 2011-12 San Francisco 49ers.

The Chiefs turnover streak has been almost subtle. We haven’t really talked about it as much as we should because ... well, we’re used to the Chiefs not turning the ball over. It was two years ago that Alex was 46 passes short of breaking Tom Brady’s streak of passes without an interception. We just expect the Chiefs to win the turnover battle most of the time.

One negative is that the Chiefs aren’t getting enough takeaways on defense. They have forced eight turnovers on the season. They need more than that down the road, especially once they start turning it over themselves (...assuming they do?).

Among the top five in turnover differential, the Chiefs eight takeaways are the fewest. The Jaguars are next at 13 takeaways so the Chiefs turnover differential is being propped up by the offense not turning it over. At some point that will change (maybe).

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