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Should Chiefs fans boo Jamaal Charles?

Will Jamaal Charles get booed? That question has been floating around this week as we await Jamaal and the Denver Broncos to come to town for Monday Night Football at Arrowhead. There are a ton of story lines in this game as the 5-2 Chiefs try to continue among the elite teams in the AFC but the one that many fans have talked about is whether you’ll boo Jamaal when he returns to Arrowhead.

“I really don’t even know (the reception he’ll get),” Jamaal told the KC media this week. “I’m just going up there to play football like I’ve been doing it my whole life. I gave it my all when I was a Chief. I don’t know, man. A lot of people think I’m a traitor just because I played with the Broncos but I’m just trying to get a job. At the end of the day I’m glad the Broncos kept that dream alive for me.”


Should Jamaal Charles be booed at Arrowhead?

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If you do boo him, I won’t be upset. I try not to overthink this. This is sports. When rivals come onto the field, they get booed. You don’t have to go into how beloved Jamaal was or the records he set in Kansas City ... when you come to Arrowhead as a rival, you get booed. Fair enough.

But I won’t boo him (if I were in the stands — I’ll be in the press box like a wimp). He is not a traitor. He was CUT by the Chiefs, he didn’t leave on his own. I have a hard time believing he had a ton of options outside of Denver considering there was little interest in him for months. He did not leave in his prime for more money someplace else and leave the Chiefs hanging. He is not a traitor or an all-time sports villain in Kansas City. It’s not like that.

Will you boo?

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