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Jamaal Charles says his heart will be with the Chiefs, hopes Kareem Hunt breaks his records

It’s going to be interesting on Monday night when the Broncos come onto the field and we see ‘ol No. 25 ... err, No. 28 running with the Broncos. Jamaal Charles is in Denver and Monday night will be his first NFL game at Arrowhead in a uniform other than the Chiefs.

Jamaal has 42 carries for 196 yards so far this season but he’s seen his touches drop the last few weeks. It’s not clear what the Chiefs defense will have in store for him but Jamaal is hoping the Chiefs crowd has something nice in store for him.

“I really don’t even know (the reception he’ll get),” Jamaal told the KC media this week. “I’m just going up there to play football like I’ve been doing it my whole life. I gave it my all when I was a Chief. I don’t know, man. A lot of people think I’m a traitor just because I played with the Broncos but I’m just trying to get a job. At the end of the day I’m glad the Broncos kept that dream alive for me.”

A few more quotes from Jamaal from the media conference call:

On playing at Arrowhead: It’s going to feel strange but I gotta go there and get my job done. Where I’m at right now and the next chapter of my life I have to take advantage of it and show people I can still play football. Arrowhead is one of the hardest places to play in the NFL and I remember feeling that tradition when I was there ... in my heart I’ll always be a Chief.

On what kind of shape he’s in: I’m in great shape. The altitude out here, I’m in great shape.

On coming back to Kansas City: I’m thankful for all the fans that supported me, bought my jersey and everything I did in the community ... everything started there. My kids were born there. My cousin’s wife died there. There’s a lot of memories I have there good and bad. My heart is always going to be with the Chiefs when I retire.

On who he still talks to: I talk to EB, Justin (Houston), Derrick Johnson, Charcandrick (West), Ron Parker, most of them guys I built a relationship with them.

On Kareem Hunt: He’s taking over the tradition of running backs when Larry Johnson took over for Priest Holmes and I took over for Larry Johnson. I’m happy for the guy. I wish he breaks all my records. Records are meant to be broken. I wish him the best and his team. I know he has a great running back coach to coach him up and put him in great positions.

On Priest Holmes: Priest Holmes was a tough guy from UT. He gets the ball and can do all kinds of stuff with it.

On Larry Johnson: Larry Johnson was a strong running back coming out of Penn State. All of our games are different. We just tried to make the running back tradition keep going. I did that and now Kareem Hunt is doing it.

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