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Kansas City Chiefs have third best odds in the AFC

Bovada has a new round of NFL odds out, including the updated Super Bowl and AFC West odds. The Kansas City Chiefs are solidly third in the AFC behind the Patriots and Steelers which, whatever, I can see that. The Steelers obviously own them and seven Super Bowl appearances for Brady and Belichick give them the benefit of the doubt. All three of those teams have the same 5-2 record this year.

Let’s look at some of the Chiefs updated odds...

Super Bowl odds: 10/1

The Chiefs have the fourth best odds in the NFL tied with the Seahawks at 10/1. The Steelers, Eagles and Patriots are ahead of them. The Raiders odds are 33/1.

AFC title odds: 9/2

The Chiefs are third in the AFC behind the Steelers and Patriots. The Jaguars at 16/1 have better odds to win the AFC than the Raiders at 18/1. What a world we live in.

AFC West odds: 4/7

The Chiefs have the best odds in the AFC West followed by the Broncos then the Raiders and then the Chargers.

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