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Podcast: reacting to Steve Nelson’s potential return

Because of the Monday night Football game this week, Shawn Barber and I did a “Wednesday Show” instead of the normal Tuesday Show.

If you can’t play above, click here.

We talked for a bit about Steve Nelson’s return, Jamaal Charles’ return Monday night, what we’ve learned about the Chiefs through seven weeks and finished with five ways we believe the Chiefs can get back to being the Chiefs.

On the show:

2:00 – Pete and Shawn weigh in on the probable return of Steve Nelson to the lineup.

2:12 – “People have described our secondary like swiss cheese.” – Shawn

3:46 – Jamaal Charles returns to Arrowhead Stadium on Monday night.

6:26 – What have we learned about the Chiefs through seven games on the offensive side of the football?

11:16 – What about on the defensive side?

16:26 – Five ways for the Chiefs to get back to being the Chiefs

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