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The Kansas City Chiefs trade deadline options (or lack thereof)

The NFL trade deadline is coming up next week and every year we talk about which trades the Kansas City Chiefs should make all the while knowing that they’re not actually going to make any. The Chiefs are more than likely not going to make any trades before next Tuesday’s deadline but let’s speculate on what they should do anyway.

The top move that comes to mind is trading for another cornerback. The Chiefs give up a big game to an opposing receiver or tight end basically every week and the defense is the unit struggling right now so I assume most of you are picking cornerback, too. I would trade for CB Brandon Carr from the Ravens. Bring our old friend home for a playoff run.

The other move that comes to mind is a receiver after Chris Conley’s injury. The biggest name out there right now is Martavis Bryant who has publicly talked about wanting to be traded from the Steelers if his role doesn’t change. I really don’t see the Chiefs trading for a receiver midseason BUT if they were, Bryant would be the one to get my vote ... mostly because I don’t know who else is available. Antonio Brown would also get my vote.

Ultimately, the Chiefs are a good team already and there probably isn’t a trade out there that they could make that would drastically change their fortunes. For better or worse, the Chiefs are rolling with what they got.

NFL trades that should happen before the deadline

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