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Andy Reid indicates Marcus Peters’ hit on Derek Carr was fine

I wonder what Andy Reid really thinks about the officiating in last night’s Chiefs-Raiders game. Chiefs fans are talking about that this morning because of bad calls that resulted in a touchdown for Oakland and negated a Chiefs turnover (we’ll just ignore the missed pass interference call that stopped a Raiders touchdown).

The first question to Andy Reid was about officiating and he was diplomatic.

I’m not going to comment on that,” Reid said. “They’re trying to do this their best job. Whether I agree with it or not doesn’t really matter. The call stood.”

The media pushed a little more and Reid bit a little more.

“It’s a shame that it came down to that,” Reid said. “Let the guys play, let them settle it right there on the field. It came down to calls one way or another. That’s too bad.”

Reid was asked about the late hit Marcus Peters was flagged for which sparked the incident where Marshawn Lynch came running on the field. Like many of you, Reid didn’t think the hit was late.

“He’s a runner,” Reid said. “That was a quarterback draw. Once you do that, you’re declared a runner until that whistle blows. So he was playing. I’m not gonna knock him for that. It’s hard to get the whole call there on what they said. Once he’s designated, he’s no different than a running back. That’s the rule.”

I wonder what Reid really thinks about the officiating n this game.

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