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Chiefs vs. Raiders refs were bad

The refs had a bad night in the Chiefs and Raiders Thursday night football game. They missed calls and made bad calls. It wasn’t just that they missed a few calls it’s that those calls came on huge plays — one on a touchdown and another that negated a turnover.

They got some right, including a few big ones at the end like Jared Cook’s non-game winner late that wasn’t actually a touchdown.

They made other bad mistakes though.

Offensive pass interference non-call results in Raiders TD

The crazy thing here is the refs threw the penalty flag AND THEN PICKED IT UP! They decided this was NOT offensive pass interference.

The phantom illegal contact

Tony Romo was quick to call this one out as a bad call. Derek Carr fumbled and Justin Houston recovered the ball on this play. Huge turnover, right? Nope. Away from the ball was this phantom illegal contact call on Eric Murray.

Tony Romo was quick to point out that this was actually a bad call and the Chiefs got screwed. The Raiders went on to kick a field goal.

Where’s the facemask?

The Raiders punted it to Tyreek Hill and the punter Marquette King came down and made the tackle. You can tell it’s a punter making the tackle because it was an awkward tackle.

Did anyone notice King ripped his helmet off by the facemask? I saw it live and this screengrab shots the facemask. This one wasn’t as bad as the others but this was obvious watching it live.

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