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Guess who leads the NFL in explosive plays allowed? The Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs lead the NFL in explosive plays! Woohoo, this is terrific.

Oh, wait. Explosive plays ALLOWED! That is runs of 11-plus yards and passes of 15-plus yards, according to this chart from the NFL Matchup show.

The Chiefs are minus-14 in explosive plays vs. explosive plays allowed. I didn’t have the numbers but a few weeks ago I talked about the way to beat the Chiefs is the big play. You’re not going to dink and dunk your way down the field on them in 10-12 play drives (unless you have Le’Veon Bell). The Chiefs are vulnerable to the big play and this shows it.

The big problem here this exposes is the run defense. I can live with giving up a big passing play a couple times a game. That’ll happen against a defense as aggressive as the Chiefs who play more man coverage than anyone in the league (and it’s not close). The run defense, which was highlighted by Le’Veon Bell’s performance last week, could be a problem as the season goes on. I would rather be stronger against the pass than the run in 2017 but that that won’t make me feel much better if it’s the fourth quarter and some team is running it down the Chiefs throats and they can’t stop it. The Chiefs are one of two teams to allow 100 rushing yards in every game so far. Will they stop it in Oakland tonight?

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