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The best move the Chiefs made this offseason is the one they didn’t make

It’s hard to think back this far but go all the way back to August when the Chiefs were going through the preseason. After watching the rookie Patrick Mahomes play in those preseason games, there were more than a few people who thought the Chiefs should rip the band-aid off and start Mahomes this season instead of Alex Smith.

I didn’t blame anyone for thinking that. Mahomes is the first first rounder in my lifetime, it’s not like I know how to handle these things. I don’t think the Chiefs ever seriously considered rolling with Mahomes and publicly they were behind Alex all the way.

But think back to how different things were in the preseason with how we viewed the quarterback situation. It wasn’t that long ago. I joked before the season that it would be a very Kansas City thing for Alex to come out and play really well and make this a tough decision next year. Even the Chiefs can’t get drafting a franchise quarterback right! And here we are.

Here’s the question someone posed that got me thinking about this:

Now that the season has begun to play out, what would you do today if you could go back and change one move the Chiefs made in the offseason?

Before you answer, remember the Romo hype? I almost forgot about that.

I wouldn’t go back and change the way the Chiefs went about the quarterback this offseason. As usual, Andy Reid seems to know more about NFL coaching than I do and he handled it the right way.

Which move from this offseason would you do (or undo)?

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