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Chiefs’ Alex Smith points out Steelers’ Mike Mitchell is a repeat offender

KC Chiefs QB Alex Smith saw Steelers DB Mike Mitchell’s explanation for his late hit on Alex’s legs and apparently isn’t buying it. Mitchell hit Alex late and from behind in Sunday’s game against the Steelers and Alex said something about it after the game. Mitchell, when given a chance to explain the play, mentioned Alex was “backpedaling” into him.

“I don’t really feel like I was back pedaling,” Alex said when asked about it.

A bunch of people have pointed out how dangerous that hit from Mitchell was, ranging from longtime NFL observers like Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk:

To people who have actually played in the NFL:

Alex is calling it like it is: It was a late hit and while he won’t say it’s dirty you can guess his thoughts on that.

“I felt like it was extremely late,” Alex said. “I felt like there was nothing done there to avoid contact. It was really low from the back side. I thought it was about as flagrant as it gets when it comes to a low hit on the quarterback. I don’t think this is a first offense either. You know, when you start looking at that stuff, when you get repeat offenders, I think when they get shots at quarterbacks they’re going to take them.”

I agree with Alex about the repeat offender part. In my initial story on this I said that Mitchell doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt anymore. Not only does he have a history of bad hits but he knocked Charcandrick West out in the same damn game.

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