Week Seven Preview: Spoiler Alert


Ouch, that one sucked. It hurt enough to have to hear the Chiefs lose the game, and it might have been worse having to keep working with the admitted Steelers bandwagoners at my workplace. Ugh.

I just don't know what to say about this game. Alex Smith had his worst game of the year (cue thousands of people complaining about the OL and WRs when Alex played poorly ON TOP OF those issues), Kareem Hunt was bottled up on the ground, although he did manage to get some good yardage through the air, and the defense giving up mind-boggling plays for no well-explained reason (looking at you, Philip Gaines.)

The game started off very poorly for the Chiefs, with the bizarre safety on the Chiefs opening drive putting them in a 2-0 hole. After recovering the Colquitt punt, however, the Chiefs failed to score a first down and kicked a field goal, putting them up 3-2. While they held the lead, they had been outplayed on both phases of the game, the only positive highlight being Dee Ford's sack of Ben Roethlisberger.

Le'Veon Bell was the story of the day: 179 yards on 32 carries, good for 5.6 yards per carry, adding in a touchdown to boot. In the deserved praise for Hunt being the most dynamic RB of the year so far, we forgot that Bell was the most dynamic RB in the league for three or four years previously, and his unique blend of patience behind the line, balance, and speed allow him to make monkeys of nearly any defense, and especially the Chiefs defense.

Ben Roethlisberger had a worse game than his numbers indicate, and if Philip Gaines knew how to catch, we'd be talking about him in a much different light. After the game, he was quoted as saying, "I guess this old cowboy has something left in him." Really, Ben? You're what's holding this team back right now; Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell are both at the height of their powers (with Le'Veon Bell on pace for over 350 rushes this year and well over 400 touches combined, it's fair to note) and your mediocre play from under center is why the Steelers are struggling to have a strong offense, even behind a strong OL.

The entire Chiefs offense had a bad day, although Kareem Hunt was able to have a good performance aided by his pass-catching; with only 21 yards on the ground, Hunt reached 100 scrimmage yards with 89 receiving yards. With how well Kareem Hunt is playing this year, is it feasible he gets to 2000 all-purpose yards? He's currently projected to get to 2200 yards, with 1600 yards rushing and 600+ receiving. With his pass-catching numbers this week, and factoring in how many Chiefs pass-catchers have gone down to injury this year, it's entirely possible his role in the air game increases. Perhaps a 1000 rushing, 1000 receiving year? Unlikely, but within the realm of possibility.

Speaking of within the realm of possibility, Tamba Hali and Dadi Nicolas are both eligible to return from the PUP list this week. While it's not likely that we see either of them for the Raiders game on Thursday night, it's very likely we see them for the Broncos game in week 8, with a long week to prepare and get them up to speed. If they do rejoin the roster, who gets cut? As of right now, I say CJ Spiller (poor guy) and Jarvis Jenkins, but there's a lot that's up in the air. Steven Nelson is also eligible to return from Injured Reserve this week, and with how poorly Gaines has played in extended time, we should hope he comes back as soon as he is able to.

Enough dwelling on the bad, though, it's time to review the week that was.

Week 6 Review

Thursday Night Football

Eagles (4-1) @ Panthers (4-1)

My Prediction: Eagles 24, Panthers 23
Actual Outcome: Eagles 28, Panthers 23
Fantasy play of the Game: Alshon Jeffery, 7.1 pts

The Eagles and Panthers played each other tight, but the Eagles managed to take a victory on the back of Cam Newton's three interceptions to a stingy, swarming Eagles defense. One of the better TNF games of the year, in my opinion.

Sunday, Noon Arrowhead Time

Bears (1-4) @ Ravens (3-2)

My Prediction: Bears 17, Ravens 23
Actual Outcome: Bears 27, Ravens 24 (OT)
Fantasy play of the Game: Mike Wallace, 3.0 pts

Trubisky looks not bad! Of course, he's on a John Fox coached team which means he'd look stellar on any other team. While it's much too early to pass judgment on any rookie QB, I think that he has the chance to become a good player. Meanwhile, the Ravens are treading water behind a putrid offense lead by Joe Flacco.

Packers (4-1) @ Vikings (3-2)

My Prediction: Packers 27, Vikings 17
Actual Outcome: Packers 10, Vikings 23
Fantasy play of the Game: 11.4 pts

Well, the Packers are probably going to miss the playoffs without Aaron Rodgers, who broke his collarbone upon being crushed by Anthony Barr late in the first quarter. This opens the door for the Vikings to win this division, and if the Lions can figure out how to stop sniffing glue, they could make a run for the division as well. I think the Pack will be okay with Hundley, but the difference is between a surefire HOF QB and an okay backup QB is staggering. Skol, Vikings.

49ers (0-5) @ Redskins (3-2)

My Prediction: 49ers 13, Redskins 24
Actual Outcome: 49ers 24, Redskins 26
Fantasy play of the Game: Jordan Reed, 3.7 pts

Brian Hoyer was banished to the bench, and Iowa QB CJ Beathard (grandson of former Chiefs GM Bobby Beathard) took the reins of Kyle Shanahan's offense. While they still lost, the 49ers looked actually alive under Beathard, and it's entirely possible he becomes a very solid backup when Kirk Cousins gets lured to the Bay Area next year. The Skins look strong, and if they can upset the Eagles on MNF this week, then they could seriously challenge for the NFC East crown.

Lions (3-2) @ Saints (3-2)

My Prediction: Lions 24, Saints 21
Actual Outcome: Lions 38, Saints 52
Fantasy play of the Game: Ameer Abdullah, 5.4 pts

Ninety combined points in this game! Jesus. That's incredible. The Saints looked like they were going full Saints, after nearly blowing a 45-10 lead when Cam Jordan made a pick-six off of Matt Stafford that put the game out of reach in the final minutes. The Saints are 4-2, winning 4 straight games, and look frisky in a very confusing NFC South. Could Drew Brees be making one last ride before retirement? I'd love to see him get one last chance at a playoff run.

Dolphins (2-2) @ Falcons (3-1)

My Prediction: Dolphins 10, Falcons 23
Actual Outcome: Dolphins 20, Falcons 17
Fantasy play of the Game: Austin Hooper, 4.8 pts

The Dolphins pulled off a gutsy comeback, and the Falcons blew another huge lead. I can't believe it. The Dolphins looked DOA, and the Falcons seemed like they could repeat in the NFC. Now, the Falcons have lost two straight, one of those to the freaking Dolphins. Take a seat, Falcons.

Browns (0-5) @ Texans (2-3)

My Prediction: Browns 14, Texans 21
Actual Outcome: Browns 17, Texans 33
Fantasy play of the Game: Ryan Griffin, 7.2 pts

My strategy of picking against the Browns hasn't failed me yet. Houston QB Deshaun Watson continued his romping of the NFL, and former Chiefs draft pick Kevin Hogan was thrown to the wolves as the Browns got dominated by the Texans. Deshone Kizer probably makes his return to the starting lineup this week, and God help that poor man.

Patriots (3-2) @ Jets (3-2)

My Prediction: Patriots 40, Jets 9
Actual Outcome: Patriots 24, Jets 17
Fantasy play of the Game: Danny Amendola, 4.0 pts

Last week I said that this would be a "total mollywhopping of the Jets," and I was very wrong. In fact, the Jets had this game stolen out from under them when Austin Sefarian-Jenkins had a touchdown taken away and ruled a fumble out of the end zone. It was honestly hard to believe.

Sunday, 3:05 Arrowhead Time

Buccaneers (2-2) @ Cardinals (2-3)

My Prediction: Bucs 21, Cardinals 22
Actual Outcome: Bucs 33, Cardinals 38
Fantasy play of the Game: Jaron Brown, 3.0 pts

Adrian Peterson had himself a day! The old man went off for 134 yards and two touchdowns, and the Cardinals barely managed to hold off a Ryan Fitzpatrick-led Bucs team after Jameis Winston went down. It wasn't a perfect game for either team, but the Cardinals scraped their way back to .500 and the Bucs were left reeling after the injury to their strangely-inaccurate franchise QB. Hopefully it wasn't his raping shoulder that he injured.

Rams (3-2) @ Jags (3-2)

My Prediction: Rams 14, Jags 13
Actual Outcome: Rams 27, Jags 17
Fantasy play of the Game: Robert Woods, 5.0 pts

The Rams went into Duval and took care of business against an overachieving Jacksonville team. Leonard Fournette went down with an injury in the game, and the Jags wisely decided to keep him on the sidelines despite being cleared to play. Fournette has looked like a stud, and they're smart to try and keep him healthy for the long run. Meanwhile, Todd Gurley ran wild on the Jacksonville D, making Jared Goff's life very easy on him.

Sunday, 3:25 Arrowhead Time

Chargers (1-4) @ Raiders (2-3)

My Prediction: Chargers 17, Raiders 19
Actual Outcome: Chargers 17, Raiders 16
Fantasy play of the Game: Marshawn Lynch, 6.3 pts

The Chargers earned just their second road division win since 2015 as they went into Oakland and squeaked out a W against a spiraling Raiders team. Melvin Gordon's big day helped the Chargers stay close in the game, and a last-second Nick Novak field goal helped put them over the top. The Raiders have lsot their last 4 games, and now look to face the 5-1 Chiefs on Thursday Night Football.

Sunday, 7:30 Arrowhead Time

Giants (0-5) @ Broncos (3-1)

My Prediction: Giants 0, Broncos 21
Actual Outcome: Giants 23, Broncos 10
Fantasy play of the Game: Trevor Siemian, 17.94 pts


Okay, I'm done. The Broncos had their bye week to prepare, at home, against a Giants team that didn't have it's top 3 WRs, and lost. And it wasn't particularly close! The Giants ran roughshod over the Broncos, with Orleans Darkwa (a person I wasn't sure actually existed before Sunday Night Football) rushing 21 times for 117 yards. This Broncos team had the best run-stopping D in the league before this game, by the way. I'm not sure how the Donkeys goofed up this bad, but they did, and they gave the first win of the year to the Giants.

Monday Night Football

Colts (2-3) @ Titans (2-3)

My Prediction: Colts 14, Titans 13
Actual Outcome: Colts 22, Titans 36
Fantasy play of the Game: Robert Turbin, 4.0 pts

This one was pretty... bad. The Colts, piloted by Jacoby Brissett, squared off against a hobbled Mariota-led Titans, and the two teams traded blows until late in the game, where the Colts turned it over on downs and the Titans then broke off a long TD run with Derrick Henry. It wasn't very entertaining IMO, but the Titans finally got the monkey of Indy off their back.

Week 6 Pick Results: 6-8

Year to Date Pick Results: 44-47

Week 7 Preview

It's Raider week, y'all! Get excited. The Best in the AFC Chiefs, 5-1, are venturing down to Oakland to face off against the 2-4 Raiders, who have dropped 4 straight after going 2-0 to start the year. This could be a game where the Chiefs need to be careful, as playing on Thursday night halfway across the country in a rival's building is dangerous, but with the Raiders having trouble on all fronts, it's also a good matchup for the Chiefs.

The Chiefs swept the Raiders last season, and the season before that, and under Andy Reid, the Chiefs have only lost to the Raiders once, in the Thursday Night Football game at Oakland in 2014 where it was discovered Eric Berry had cancer. Man, that was a depressing game.

So what's the deal with Oakland? Are they actually bad? Have they been unlucky? Losing Derek Carr for any stretch of time is always something that's going to hurt, and despite returning from his back injury last week, Carr didn't move well in the pocket or play particularly well, leading me to think he's gutting it out for his team despite not being fully healthy. While he completed 70% of his 30 passes, only six of those 30 went ten or more yards down the field, according to Next Gen Stats:


Is there a new Captain Checkdown in the West? It's also not entirely his fault, as his receivers, mainly Amari Cooper, have been struggling as well this year. During the week 6 game against the Chargers, Amari Cooper had one of his best games of the year, catching 5 passes on 6 targets for 28 yards and no touchdowns. That's one of his better games this year; on the season, he has 18 catches for 146 yards, and has been struggling with drops all year.

Marshawn Lynch has also faced his share of struggles this year, but he ran well against the Chargers; 13 carries for 63 yards is nothing to sneeze at. In fact, with how limited Carr was in this game, I'm honestly surprised they didn't give him the ball more. Perhaps they're trying to conserve him, so he doesn't break down late in the year? With their season in jeopardy at 2-4, I can't really buy that.

So what's the deal with the Raiders? The offensive line hasn't been as dominant as it was last year, but played well against the Chargers, allowing only one QB hit (the Joey Bosa sack of Derek Carr). The receivers seem to have come down to earth, with Michael Crabtree catching 25 passes for 304 yards so far this year; he's on pace for 67 catches and 804 yards, a significant drop from last year's 89 catches and 1000 yards.

The defense is actually a little bit improved over last year, but with the offense's falling apart, it hasn't been enough to keep them competitive. First round rapist cornerback Gareon Conley has only played in two games so far, shin injuries keeping him on the sideline for most of this year, and if Ian Rapoport is to be believed, probably even longer. The Human Liability Sean Smith has been demoted, with TJ Carrie and David Amerson getting the first-team work at CB, and while second year man Karl Joseph is still pretty good, that secondary, overall, is only average. That's still better than most would have predicted before the season, though.

The biggest danger on this team is obviously Khalil Mack. Mack was close to being DPOY last year, and this year he's been playing well, although not quite to last year's level yet with only 4 sacks so far this season. The key to keeping Mack from wrecking shop against the Chiefs will be how well Schwartz and Fisher play; last year, Mack had 2 of his 11 sacks against the Chiefs, and keeping him away from Alex Smith will probably be easier said than done.

The other parts of the front seven, however, don't really scare me. Mario Edwards Jr, Eddie Vanderdoes, and Justin Ellis make up the rest of the Raiders DL, with a LB corps of Bruce Irvin, Marquel Lee, and Corey James. Edwards Jr. and Irvin are both nice players, and Vanderdoes is a promising rookie, but the LBs especially don't scare me all that much.

On the offensive side of the ball, the Chiefs will need to corral Marshawn Lynch. The Chiefs have, once again, been bad at defending the run, and while Lynch is on a pitch count, he has shown flashes of being a good runner. Cordarrelle Patterson has been getting some looks as a runner, and he carried the ball 3 times for 55 yards against the Chargers. I doubt we have to worry all too much about him, but he is someone to keep an eye on for jet sweeps.

Chiefs Offense V Raiders Defense

I'm going to give the edge to the Chiefs here. The Raiders, on defense, look marginally better than they have for the last few years, but the Chiefs offense, outside of the Pittsburgh game, has been very good at moving the ball up and down the field. I think that, down Chris Conley, the passing game will struggle more as teams key in on Tyreek Hill as the only legit WR on the team, but the presence of Travis Kelce should match up favorably against Karl Joseph and Reggie Nelson, as he matches up well against every safety in the league. Kareem Hunt also has a good matchup, as the Raiders have allowed a good chunk of rushing yards this year.

Raiders Offense V Chiefs Defense

Again, edge to the Chiefs here. The Raiders offense has not been good this year aside from a 45-20 thrashing of the Jets, and the Chiefs defense has, overall, been good. Maybe not great, but it's only week seven and we're still missing our CB2 and two of our pass-rushers. The front seven might have difficulty getting to Derek Carr, but the secondary should be able to make some plays on his short throws. Bob Sutton's defense has never had a bad game against Derek Carr before, and I doubt it will today.

Special Teams

The Chiefs haven't been as dominant on Special Teams as they were last year, but Tyreek Hill is still dangerous as a punt returner and Dave Toub is still a very good coach. I'm not crazy about Akeem Hunt as our KR, but DAT isn't much better. Edge, Chiefs.


Andy Reid hasn't lost to the Jack Del Raiders yet, and I doubt it will continue. Remember the handshake, folks.

How the Chiefs Can Win

Pass the ball to Kareem Hunt and Travis Kelce. Pass-catching RBs like Chris Thompson have destroyed the Raiders this year, and they once again give up huge numbers to opposing Tight Ends. With Kelce having a down week against the Steelers, look for him to bounce back against the Raiders. Don't turn the ball over and play good defense, and the Chiefs should win.

How the Raiders Can Win

Stuff Kareem Hunt. It can be done, the Steelers have proven, and the Raiders should follow that model to try and hold the Chiefs to minimal gains on the ground. Take advantage of the Chiefs injuries, and key in on Tyreek and Travis to slow down Alex Smith. On offense, run at Dee Ford with Marshawn Lynch and pass at Philip Gaines.

My Prediction

This game will be very important for the Chiefs to win. A dominant performance here will erase some of the bad associations the Chiefs gained in the Pittsburgh game, will bury the Raiders hopes of the division crown, and bring the Chiefs to 6-1, the best record in the AFC. I like the Chiefs here, 27-13.

The Rest of the NFL

Teams on Bye

Detroit Lions, Houston Texans

Sunday, Noon Arrowhead Time

Ravens (3-3) @ Vikings (4-2): Ravens 12, Vikings 17

The Ravens are looking very average, while the Vikings are, surprisingly, in the mix in the NFC North. While this entire season has made no sense for the most part, I think taking the VIkings at home is a pretty safe bet. Fantasy play of the Game: Case Keenum

Saints (4-2) @ Packers (4-2): Saints 24, Packers 23

Normally, taking the Saints in Lambeau would be utter madness. However, Brett Hundley will be making his first start as a Packer after Aaron Rodgers was taken out by Anthony Barr, and I think the Saints have it in them to improve to 5-2. Fantasy play of the Game: Willie Snead

Jets (3-3) @ Dolphins (3-3): Jets 20, Dolphins 7

Alright Jets, don't fail me now. I don't buy anything that the Dolphins are selling, as Jay Cutler has been the worst QB in the league so far, and the Jets played the Patriots tight. Fantasy play of the Game: Austin Sefarian-Jenkins

Panthers (4-2) @ Bears (2-4): Panthers 24, Bears 17

While I like Mitch Trubisky as a player, I hate the players he's throwing to. The Panthers may have lost to the Eagles, but that's nothing to sneeze at; the only team to not lose to the Eagles is the Chiefs. I think this is a get-right game for Cam Newton. Fantasy play of the Game: Christian McCaffrey

Cardinals (3-3) @ Rams (4-2): Cardinals 20, Rams 33

Adrian Peterson looked good in Arizona for his first game, and I like him to continue running well, but I think the Rams offense is too good for the Cardinals to stop right now. Look for another huge day from Todd Gurley and Aaron Donald. Fantasy play of the Game: Sammy Watkins

Buccaneers (2-3) @ Bills (3-2): Bucs 18, Bills 24

If Jameis isn't ready to go for this game, or if he plays but isn't healthy, I like the Bills even more. Regardless, the Bucs offense that I was heavily believing in before the season just hasn't appeared yet, and the Bills look like they might be competing in December for a wild card. Fantasy play of the Game: Doug Martin

Jaguars (3-3) @ Colts (2-4): Jags 21, Colts 20

I think the Jags end up pulling this one off, and the Colts end up losing one last game before Andrew Luck steps in for the week 8 game. The Colts secondary, aside from Malik Hooker and Vontae Davis, is weak, and I think that there's a strong chance we see a good version of Blake Bortles this week. Fantasy play of the Game: Marqise Lee

Titans (3-3) @ Browns (0-6): Titans 30, Browns 17

Ugh, the Browns. Maybe they win. They probably won't. Fantasy play of the Game: Marcus Mariota

Sunday, 3:05 Arrowhead Time

Cowboys (2-3) @ 49ers (0-6): Cowboys 20, 49ers 21

Yes, I'm calling the upset here. I think CJ Beathard has the ability to pilot this team to a win, and the Cowboys will probably be missing Ezekiel Elliot, leaving the offense without its most dangerous weapon. Fantasy play of the Game: Pierre Garçon

Bengals (2-3) @ Steelers (4-2): Bengals 17, Steelers 24

It would be the most Steelers thing ever to upset an unbeaten team on the road and then lose to the Bengals at home. I don't think it will happen, but stranger things have happened. Fantasy play of the Game: Juju Smith-Schuster

Sunday, 3:25 Arrowhead Time

Seahawks (3-2) @ Giants (1-5): Seahawks 28, Giants 10

I think that the Giants beating Denver was a fluke, which might make it even sweeter. The Seahawks, coming off their bye, should be able to go to the Meadowlands and win here. Fantasy play of the Game: Thomas Rawls

Broncos (3-2) @ Chargers (2-4): Broncos 21, Chargers 17

While I'm rooting for the Chargers to pull of the home win here, I don't think it will happen. The Broncos will be pissed they lost to the bum Giants, and will take out that anger on an inconsistent Chargers team that still doesn't quite have an identity. Fantasy play of the Game: Bennie Fowler

Sunday Night Football

Patriots (4-2) @ Falcons (3-2): Patriots 3, Falcons 28

Okay, this might just be a trolljob by me. But, I do think the Falcons have the offense to take advantage of a weak Patriots defense, and the Falcons have a decent defense that is probably looking for revenge for the Super Bowl. Fantasy play of the Game: Taylor Gabriel

Monday Night Football

Redskins (3-2) @ Eagles (5-1): Redskins 27, Eagles 24

Another upset here, both teams look like they're in position to make a deep run in the playoffs in the NFC, and this game will help decide which team wins the division and which is a wild card. I like the Redskins due to their varied playmakers on offense and a strong defense, although the Eagles should make this a good fight. Fantasy play of the Game: Josh Doctson

Final Thoughts

Mike Mitchell is a dirty, dirty player; even Mike Tomlin agrees that his hit on Alex Smith should have been penalized. Next time you see a Yinzer bitching about how dirty Vontaze Burfict is, remind them of Joey Porter's existence, or that they employ Mike Mitchell.

Also, a book recommendation: The Wasp Factory, by Iain Banks. Very creepy, very good.

The Chiefs are on the warpath, enjoy the games.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.