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Chief in the North: Steelers loss and mailbag

In Episode 16 of the Chief in the North, I try to deal with seeing the Chiefs lose in eerily similar fashion to the Steelers.

I start off discussing playcalling vs execution and why I think it's a mistake to just say "it was the playcalling" for either the offense or the defense. Then it's time to do what's necessary and talk about Alex's roughest outing of the year by far, as he crashed back to earth from his MVP-level play and, despite a late rally, wasn't able to recover. I additionally rant about failing to give the ball to Kareem Hunt, which I still don't want to think about.

Then it's time to delve into the run defense and why the Chiefs seem incapable of asserting themselves against the Steelers offensive line. Game after game it's been this way, despite the Chiefs playing well against other good lines. It's baffling.

Then it's your time to sound off a bit with a ton of mailbag questions. Topics vary from Marcus Peters's recent aversion to tacking to what I expect from Demarcus Robinson moving forward.

Finally, I close out looking at the state of where the Chiefs are, what the Raiders game means, and how I think that'll go. You know what? It's still not a bad week to be a Chiefs fan.

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