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Steelers vs. Chiefs final score: Kansas City drops first game, 19-13

The Kansas City Chiefs lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers, 19-13. The Chiefs drop to 5-1 on the season while the Steelers move to 4-2 on the year.

The Chiefs did nothing the entire game but then started to come alive late in the game. They had a chance for a game winning drive but the Steelers stopped them in the final minute. That’s all she wrote.

Final stats are here.

Somehow, the Chiefs had their chances

If only Antonio Brown doesn’t catch a tipped pass and run for a touchdown, the Chiefs have a better shot to win. If Alex Smith doesn’t over throw Demarcus Robinson on the final drive, the Chiefs could’ve driven in for the win. If the Chiefs kick a field goal instead of going for it on fourth in the fourth quarter, maybe they have a shot to win.

The Chiefs had shots to win but they couldn’t do it.

The Chiefs should’ve kicked the field goal, in hindsight

I think in the moment it was the right call but the Chiefs decided to go for it on fourth and two on the goal line in the fourth quarter. It was 12-3 with 13 minutes left in the game and the Chiefs went for it but didn’t get it. The Steelers took over.

Should they have gone for it? Knowing how the game ended up, yes they should have. However, at the time, I would have gone for it, too. At that time the Chiefs offense hadn’t done anything so the idea of them going down and scoring a touchdown at the time didn’t seem realistic.

I was fine with the play call at the but, in hindsight, they would’ve been better served kicking the field goal.

The Chiefs still can’t figure out Le’Veon Bell

He went for 170 in the playoff game last year and he had 179 yards in this game. When the Chiefs had two down linemen, they ran it down their throats. When the Chiefs had three, they did an OK job stopping him. Bell had 70 yards on one long scoring drive and then didn’t dominate the game after that. He was very good after that but not as dominating as that early drive.

Kareem Hunt makes history

Chiefs feeling the injuries on the line

The Steelers front was all over Alex Smith, Kareem Hunt and the Chiefs offense. Alex couldn’t drop back without feeling pressure and Hunt could barely touch the ball without getting tackled. The Chiefs are starting to feel the injuries to their offensive line.

Backup C Zach Fulton goofed on a snap which resulted in a safety. Backup RG Cam Erving had two penalties during the game. They’re both backups for starters who are injured. The Chiefs could be close to getting Morse back.

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