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Steelers vs. Chiefs picks: Predictions from the AP staff

We have our picks and predictions for the KC Chiefs and Pittsburgh Steelers game Week 6 at Arrowhead Stadium. The AP staff wrote out their picks and once again it is not unanimous. We have someone picking the Chiefs to lose, which is not surprising. The Steelers beat the Chiefs twice last season and are one of the better teams they’ll play this year (unless the five interception Big Ben shows up).

Our predictions are below. Find more Week 6 NFL picks here.

Chiefs 37, Steelers 17

I have no idea why I feel this way. Mostly, I have a hard time believing this will be a close game, and given the way both teams have played recently it’s a lot easier to believe the Chiefs win than lose. Of particular interest to me is how different the Steelers (and Big Ben) are on the road vs at home. I think the Chiefs continue their season of getting monkeys off their back. -MNchiefsfan

Steelers 28 Chiefs 30

I keep picking these games to be close and the Chiefs keep winning by a touchdown or more. This week, it actually is close. The Steelers cover with a couple of Antonio Brown touchdowns but the fourth quarter Chiefs prevail. -Joel Thorman

Steelers 27 Chiefs 24

I feel weird picking the Chiefs to lose, and would be happy to be wrong. The Steelers are still good and I think they'll respond well to last week's debacle.

This just feels like the game that attrition finally catches up to the Chiefs. They continue to lose important pieces of their team. The offensive line is held together by duct tape. What’s more, while Justin Houston, Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill will all likely play, they also weren’t full participants the entire week.

They’ll start getting some key players back soon, but I think this tough stretch is where they catch a few Ls. I think it’ll be tough sledding up to the bye week. Week 11 on is far from daunting though. They’re well positioned to be the one seed. However, I think loss number one (of maybe three this season) is on Sunday. -Kent Swanson

Steelers 38 Chiefs 42

This is a game in which I like the quarterbacks, the running backs and the receivers and not so much the secondaries against said quarterbacks, running backs and receivers. What that leads me to believe is this is going to be a good ol’ fashion Kansas City shootout and a very fun game to watch. The Chiefs win it, staying undefeated thanks to more than 300 yards passing from the New Alex as Big Ben proves to everyone he still has it but comes up just short. - Pete Sweeney

Steelers 10 Chiefs 35

It took a lot of soul searching to come to this decision, but I'm tired of living in fear of the Steelers. They're not immortal, they don't have magic, and they got lucky last January. While Big Ben's wondering whether he can play any more, the Chiefs are going to show him he can't. Remember the Peyton Manning is done game? The Chiefs are going to do that to Ben Roethlisberger. This game will set into motion a course of events which will see the Chiefs enjoy 15 years of dominance in the AFC, while the Steelers will spend the next 15 years in ruin and decay. Book it. -Gary McKenzie

Chiefs 45 Steelers 28

This is not the 2017 Chiefs, and this isn’t the playoffs. The offense is explosive and diverse enough to put up points against anyone. The defense is either spectacular or frustrating, and it changes on a per play or per drive basis. The special teams are capable of changing games at any time, and finally did this past week. The Steelers are in a strange state, but still loaded with talent. I wouldn’t take this matchup lightly, and I’m sure the Chiefs aren’t. They have a lot to play for even for a 5-0 team. I think they attack this game and opponent, and it’ll be a great night. -Matt Stagner

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