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Dirty Dan Sorensen showing his value to the Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs activated LB Reggie Ragland for the first time a couple weeks ago and then last week they de-activated the former starting inside linebacker, Ramik Wilson.

Why didn’t they need another inside linebacker like Ramik? Former Chiefs LB Shawn Barber explained his view on The AP Tuesday Show with Pete Sweeney.

“If you see against the multiple wideout sets the Texans were using, the Chiefs went to a three safety look,” Barber said. “My man Dirty Dan (Sorensen), he’s been able to get down in the box and get his pads dirty. I think he feels more comfortable down there.

“I love him as a linebacker. I call him the big nickel defensive personnel. You get the third safety down in there, get them dirty. Great cover guy, good on tight ends and can get the back out of the backfield. That allows DJ — coverage is probably his weakness, man to man against these scat backs — let DJ add to the blitz, let DJ spy.

“But, yeah, get Dirty Dan down there and let (Eric) Murray and (Ron) Parker be the back half safeties. I think it’s a great look, it’s a great mixture of things you can do with the guys. It allows our defense to stay in a kind of hybrid look.”

In 2017, the strongside linebacker won’t play as much because teams pass so often. Someone like Sorensen offers more versatility in the passing game so he’s more valuable in those sets.

Also, the Chiefs lost the best safety in the league five weeks ago and we’re still praising the job of the safeties this year. They are DEEP at safety.

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