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Discussing how the KC Chiefs will replace Chris Conley

Pete Sweeney and former Chiefs linebacker Shawn Barber discussed how the Chiefs will replace wide receiver Chris Conley, who was lost for the season with an Achilles injury, on today’s Arrowhead Pride Podcast Tuesday Show.

One of the first things Barber mentioned was Conley’s leadership impact off the field.

Pete then suggested that Albert Wilson could fill that role.

“I think [Wilson can do it] off the field and on the field,” Barber replied. “Wilson actually had playing time last year. (Demarcus) Robinson, this is kind of his breakout year. This is the year for him to really get his feet wet and do some things. He’s kind of that X-factor. No one really knows about him on film too much. He’s going to be the vertical threat guy—Robinson’s going down the field. He’s going to be a big-play guy for the Chiefs if he actually breaks open.

“Wilson is going to be the guy for underneath routes, a possession guy, third-down catches. He’s already made some really great plays for us during the season.”

On the show

1:15 – How will the Chiefs replace Chris Conley?

2:40 – Shawn explains what Conley may have meant for the Chiefs off the field.

5:40 – Will the Chiefs activate Jehu Chesson or someone else?

7:10 – What exactly happened with Travis Kelce’s concussion on Sunday night?

12:40 – Can Demetrius Harris and Ross Travis fill in his shoes if need be for Sunday?

15:42 – How did offensive lineman Cam Erving do filling in at right guard against the Texans?

19:45 – Why was Marcus Peters yelling at defensive coordinator Bob Sutton?

22:15 – Are the Chiefs leaving the door open too much at the end of games?

24:22 – Why was Ramik Wilson inactive against the Houston Texans?

26:10 – Revisiting preseason Alex Smith predictions.

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