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Chief in the North Episode 15: Texans, Alex Smith, Marcus Peters and more

In Episode 15 of the Chief in the North, I discuss various aspects of the Chiefs big win over the Texans (fighting through a continued cold and some allergies, which is fun for everyone!), delving specifically into the quarterback play of the two teams. In short, Alex is an MVP candidate and Watson's game is everything that drives me crazy about quarterback narratives.

I finally tackle the Marcus Peters question in-depth, trying to figure out exactly what is going on with him and whether or not he can turn it around (on the field, strictly... well, on the sideline during the game, too). On a happier note, I look at Terrance Mitchell and the difference he's made for the Chiefs since his emergence.

I then spend some time on why the Texans annoy me, particularly with regards to excuses made for what was really a dominant Chiefs with without roughly a third of their starters. I follow that up with a discussion of what makes the Chiefs a strong Super Bowl contender this season (it rhymes with "galance," which isn't actually a word).

Then it's mailbag time, where I disucss Chris Conley, Justin Houston in coverage, and Bob Sutton's job this season. I close out with a preview of the Steelers game and why they scare me due to potential matchup issues.

It was another fun week to record, and another great week to be a Chiefs fan.

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