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Andy Reid says Justin Houston will be good for Steelers game, let’s hope he’s right

The weirdness with Justin Houston’s knee injury last year and the ensuring ACL surgery that knocked out half of his 2016 season has led some of his to be a little skittish when it comes to updates on his knee. That’s OK if you are. It just means you remember last year.

Houston is expected to play this weekend against the Steelers but we’re still going to parse every word from Andy Reid to make sure he’s actually going to play well ... and not just eight ineffective snaps like he did last year in New England.

Here’s how Reid opened his presser:

“Don’t have any injuries to announce to you,” Reid said. “Everybody that was banged up is good to go now. Justin (Houston) and (Spencer) Ware they’ll be ready to go.”

Someone asked what the plan for Houston is this week.

“Practice,” Reid answered. “We’ll see how he does.”

That “we’ll see how he does” leaves the door open a little and makes me a little nervous if we’re being honest. It’s not just whether Houston dresses for the game, it’s how effective can he be. The Chiefs proved last year they could send a hobbled Justin Houston out there. This year they need a healthy Justin Houston out there.

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