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No, Chiefs CB Terrance Mitchell wasn’t out here Twitter trash talking Antonio Brown

Ahhh, Twitter. I love you and I hate you at the same time. Someone over the weekend created a fake Terrance Mitchell account. Yes, a fake Twitter account of the Chiefs CB that not even all Chiefs fans know. He’s been a Chief for like two months. I expect a fake Alex Smith or fake Marcus Peters Twitter account but Terrance Mitchell?

Anyway, someone creates this fake account - which has now been deleted - and posts a tweet acting like Mitchell is over here trash talking Steelers WR Antonio Brown. Here’s one tweet I saw before it went down:

They were obviously fake like this. I mean, did anyone think Terrance Mitchell was calling out the best receiver in the NFL? No.

Plenty of people bought it, especially Steelers fans looking for some bulletin board material. Unfortunately for them, the Chiefs have already said it’s a fake.

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