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Chiefs’ Dave Toub moves onto Steelers after two head coach interviews

The Denver Broncos traveled to Kansas City on Friday for an interview with Chiefs special teams coach Dave Toub. The interview reportedly lasted four hours. Two days later the Chargers interviewed Toub on Sunday for their head coaching job. The Chargers confirmed the interview and posted Toub’s bio on their website.

That’s two known interviews for Toub so far. There’s no indication whether he’s a leading candidate for either job. No team can hire him while the Chiefs are still in the playoffs so there will be no more Toub interviews this week.

Toub is the only Chiefs assistant to be getting any head coaching looks so far. I wouldn’t be surprised if we are talking this way about running backs coach Eric Bieniemy in the next few years.

As for the front office, Chris Ballard reportedly declined the 49ers interview or the Chiefs blocked it. Whatever it is, there could be something more going on there.

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