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What to make of Steelers LB James Harrison apparently not remembering the Chiefs

I remember last year reading a story about the Broncos winning the Super Bowl and how members of their defense was saying something to the effect of no one believed in us. Which is crazy. The Broncos were one of the best teams in the NFL and unquestionably the best defense in the NFL. No one believed in us?

That’s what I was thinking of - what these go through to motivate themselves - when I saw this video from the KC Star’s Vahe Gregorian who asked Steelers LB James Harrison about the Chiefs game after the Steelers beat the Dolphins.

KC Star: Any impact is there lingering from the first Chiefs game, just a clean slate or?

Harrison: We played them this year? Didn’t know, didn’t know. We’ll go out there and look at what they’re doing, go put a game plan together. We’ll hopefully go out there and execute it better than they execute theirs.

He doesn’t know they played the Chiefs? Huh? Is that supposed to be some trash talk that he doesn’t consider the Chiefs worthy of remembering? Is that not trash talk but some self motivation, like a keep both eyes on the goal sort of thing?

I’m genuinely confused by this.

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