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Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill is not a finalist for rookie of the year

Tyreek Hill was a first team All-Pro, one of two players to be unanimous picks and one of three rookies overall to be named first team. I could make a case as the Chiefs team MVP. Easily the most dynamic returner in the NFL.

And yet ...

He’s not a finalist for rookie of the year. Huh.

The first thing that jumps out is Deion Jones. I didn’t hear him mentioned in the same breath as some of these other rookies throughout the season (not to say he had a bad year). Then there’s the quarterback bias with Carson Wentz. He was a finalist before the season even began.

Still, I’m surprised Tyreek with 12 touchdowns didn’t get a sniff. Because there is no other obvious answer it does make you wonder if it’s uncomfortable for the league to have someone with such an awful crime on their resume to be up for such a big award.

In the end this doesn’t really matter because Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott are so far ahead of everyone else for offensive rookie of the year that Tyreek had no shot. I’m surprised he’s not a finalist though.

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