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Chiefs’ John Dorsey is a potential Packers GM candidate? Uh, what?

Well, I didn’t expect this. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports that Chiefs GM John Dorsey is a potential candidate to run the Packers.

Yes, really. Or so this report says ...

This came out of nowhere. A lot of speculation but I can see where it makes sense. The report states that Packers GM Ted Thompson has two years left on his deal. Dorsey, according to this report, is in the final year of his contract. Dorsey, a former Packers exec and player, apparently had just a four-year deal compared to Andy Reid’s reported five-year deal (which the Chiefs hope to extend).

You can start to connect some dots. Like, why did Chiefs exec Chris Ballard decide not to interview in San Francisco and stay in Kansas City? (Or did the Chiefs really block that interview?) And why did Eliot Wolf, son of Ron Wolf and long thought to be a likely successor in Green Bay, now interviewing with the 49ers? The implication here being if Dorsey leaves that Ballard would stay in KC, Wolf goes elsewhere (San Francisco?) and Dorsey lands in Green Bay. Clearly that’s all hypothetical. The Chiefs nor Dorsey have responded.

I asked Clark Hunt about Reid’s contract during training camp this year and Terez Paylor followed up asking about Dorsey. Note he doesn’t answer the second question about Dorsey’s contract.

Q: You’re going into year four with Andy, have you talked at all about a contract extension?

HUNT: “It is not a conversation that we’ve had yet. I would expect at some point we will though.”

Q: Is that the same with John, is he on a five-year deal too?

HUNT: “Well as you know our contracts are not public, but leave it as, I am very satisfied with the job that both John and Andy are doing and hope that both will be part of the organization for a long time.”


I’m not sure what to think of this. If you’re a Chiefs fan, you hope this is just a negotiating tactic to get a better deal. He has leverage because I don’t think the Chiefs want to lose Dorsey.

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