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NFL playoff odds, schedule: Steelers over Dolphins, Texans over Raiders in AFC

The 2017 NFL playoff schedule kicks off this weekend with two AFC Wild Card games and two NFC Wild Card games. I’m taking a look at the odds and all the home teams are favored this weekend. Home field advantage remains a big deal in the NFL. The Chiefs will find that out in the Divisional round when they’re favored over whoever they play (either the Steelers, Texans or Raiders).

Let’s take a look at the odds for each game below.

Texans 3.5-point favorites over Raiders

Fans would be clamoring for an Alex Smith-Brian Hoyer matchup. It’ll be Connor Cook and Brock Osweiler in this game. It’s the first game on Saturday probably because they want to get it out of the way. As I sit here and call this the worst Wild Card game of all time, it’ll probably be wildly entertaining.

Seahawks 8-point favorites over Lions

I’m not betting against the Seahawks at home but I do like the Lions. Eight points feels a little high but I’m not sure how much lower you could go with such an experienced Seattle team. It would be neat to see a Lions win though.

Steelers 10-point favorites over Dolphins

Huge favorites in Pittsburgh. A Steelers win and they’re coming to KC next week. You gotta beat whoever is on the schedule and I would rather face an easier team than a harder team so I’m rooting for Miami. You gotta go through New England either way.

Packers 4.5-point favorites over the Giants

There’s a great oral history of their 2007 NFC title game. Aaron Rodgers should be the MVP (and Matt Ryan the offensive player of the year).

While we’re here, here is the NFL playoff schedule and the dates and times of this weekend’s games and beyond:

NFL Wild Card round

Saturday, Jan. 7

Raiders at Texans: 4:35 pm ET | ESPN/ABC

Lions at Seahawks: 8:15 pm ET | NBC

Sunday, Jan. 8

Dolphins at Steelers: 1:05 pm ET | CBS

Giants at Packers: 4:40 pm ET | FOX

NFL Divisional Round

Saturday, Jan. 14

Seahawks or Packers or Giants at Falcons: 435 pm ET | FOX

Texans or Raiders or Dolphins at Patriots: 815 pm ET | CBS

Sunday, Jan. 15

Steelers or Texans or Raiders at Chiefs: 1:05 pm ET | NBC

Packers or Giants or Lions at Cowboys: 4:40 pm ET | FOX

AFC / NFC Championship games

Sunday, Jan. 22

NFC: 3:05 pm ET | FOX

AFC: 6:40 pm et | CBS

Super Bowl

Sunday, Feb. 5

6:30 pm ET | FOX

It's Game Time.

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