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Trent Green says they all talk about Travis Kelce in TV meetings

Trent Green joined 810 this week to talk about the Kansas City Chiefs winning the AFC West and how far they can go in the NFL playoffs. Trent works for CBS as an announcer during the season and before games they spend some time with the coaches and players to prepare for the broadcast. In those production meetings, the opposing team used to always talk about stopping Jamaal Charles. Trent says they all talk about Travis Kelce now.

“Every time we walk into a production meeting and we talk to the opposing coaches and players and say, ‘OK what do you have to do to stop Kansas City, what’s your No. 1 focus?’ For years and years it was Jamaal Charles. ‘We have to know where Jamaal Charles is, we have to stop the running game, we have to stop him in the passing game.’ Now the very first person they talk about is stopping Travis Kelce. ‘We have to know where he is, the passing game centers around him, if we get caught doubling him then that leaves someone singled.’ Now you add the speed factor of Tyreek Hill. I think they do have enough offensively.”

Kelce is probably the main focal point on the Chiefs offense, the guy that you want to stop the most. But Tyreek Hill is most dangerous, if that makes sense. Tyreek doesn’t play enough where you center your entire game plan around him but you damn sure know where he is on every play.

It's Game Time.

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