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Andy Reid dropped DeSean Jackson’s name when talking about Tyreek Hill

We’ve heard all the Tyreek Hill comparisons. First it was a De’Anthony Thomas clone and we figured out pretty quickly he was more than that. Terez Paylor dropped a Steve Smith comparison once. I remember Danny Parkins mentioning Percy Harvin.

Here’s one from Andy Reid: DeSean Jackson.

“I had DeSean Jackson and he kind of was the same,” Reid said when asked if he had seen anyone progress as quickly as Tyreek. “When he was young he did all of the return stuff, we moved him all around the offense, he took snaps as a quarterback, we had him everywhere. I would tell you from that standpoint that I have. He made it to the Pro Bowl in two different positions as a wide receiver and a returner.”

I think he’s comparing how they each quickly rose as rookies but it’s still a good comparison as a player. Jackson is 5’10 and 178 pounds while Tyreek is 5’10 and 185 pounds (or at least that’s what they’re listed at).

Jackson had 912 receptions yards his rookie year and rushed the ball 17 times for 96 yards. He also returned punts where he scored one touchdown to go with his three receiving and rushing touchdowns. Jackson had more yards on about the same number of receptions, which is likely due to the quarterback (Donovan McNabb vs. Alex Smith).

The scoring is where Tyreek separates. Tyreek has 12 touchdowns this season including eight in the last six games. He’s averaging over 40 yards per touchdown. He also has him in rushing - he’s more explosive there with two more scores.

I like the comparison. It’s not perfect but if you got DeSean Jackson in the fifth round you’re feeling pretty good.

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