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Alex Smith sets career high in passing yards, fewest passing TDs since he came to KC

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Hooray for Alex Smith!

A career high in passing yards should lead to career highs in other categories like touchdowns. Not here. Alex’s 15 touchdowns were the least he’s had in a season since he came to Kansas City.

A few other notes on Alex’s season:

  • Yards per attempt (7.2) was down from last year (7.4) but up from his lowest as a Chief (6.5 in 2013).
  • He hasn’t had a touchdown percentage so low since 2007.
  • His 489 passing attempts are the second most as a Chief to his 508 in 2013.
  • His interceptions did go up with eight, which is a high since he’s been in Kansas City.
  • His QB rating (91.2) was his lowest since 2013 (89.1).
  • His 134 rushing yards were the least in his time in Kansas City but his rushing touchdowns (five) were the most.