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Could Chiefs’ Dave Toub and Chris Ballard work together again?

Chiefs director of football operations Chris Ballard could be leaving as he is one of the top GM candidates on the market this year. He has reportedly declined an interview request from the 49ers but the Chiefs should be prepared for him to leave at some point. And, I wonder, if they should be prepared for someone to leave with him.

Alex Marvez reported that if Ballard leaves, "the ability to hire his own (head) coach will be the key” at his next job.

This peaked my interest because the Chiefs have a couple of potential head coaching candidates. It might be a little early for Eric Bieniemy but the Chiefs running backs coach will eventually be in that conversation.

The one that really makes me wonder is special teams coach Dave Toub. The Chargers and Broncos will interview him.

Those in Kansas City know his value. Ballard should really know Toub’s value because they were both in Chicago together from 2004-12.

I haven’t heard any talk of this but just looking at the connection between the two and the attention they’re getting this year it makes me wonder if this could be a package deal of sorts.

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