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Andy Reid told Travis Kelce when he was drafted he would kick his ass if he goes astray

KC Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce was on Colin Cowherd’s show and told a great story about what Andy Reid said to him when the Chiefs drafted him. I don’t remember hearing this before. Check out the video here and transcript below:

“The first time I met (Andy Reid) was at a Cincinnati vs Temple game, I went to Cincinnati. His son was on the strength and conditioning coaching staff at Temple and they play in the Eagles stadium. So he just happened to be at the game and this and that. I met him after the game, it was a very friendly hey, how are you.

“The next time I talked to him was actually on draft day. I answered the call, it was a Missouri number and I’m thinking, “Oh crap, I’m going to the Rams, come on!” I look at it and answer and he says, “Hey it’s Andy Reid.” I’m like, man, life just got better!

He said, “Listen, shut up, are you going to mess with this up? Are you going to screw this up for yourself and this team? Can I count on you?” I’m like ohhh, you’re thinking draft day, this will be the best call of my life, we’re excited for you. He’s like are you going to mess this up? I’m liken no, I’m trying to give him every answer I can, I’m going to work hard, I’m gonna be the best tight end you ever had, this and that.

“He said alright, yeah, put your brother on the phone. My brother played in Philly for him two years and actually drafted by Andy as well. My brother is on the phone with him and I hear my brother saying OK coach I got you, and I guess he told him make sure this kid doesn’t screw this up for me blah, blah. I get back on and he says, “Alright we’re gonna take you but the minute you start to go astray I’m gonna kick your ass.”

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