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Chiefs’ Travis Kelce breaks down the difference between him and Rob Gronkowski

Travis Kelce is hitting the media rounds during Super Bowl week. I heard the Kansas City Chiefs tight end on the Dan Patrick Show today and there were a few questions about Kelce and Gronk.

Who is the better, Kelce or Gronk?

“I feel like the stats and the on field play takes care of all that,” Kelce said. “I can’t really say who is the best. I feel like I am the best on the field. I feel like I give my team the best opportunity to win on the field.”

Kelce did give a good answer on the difference between him and Gronk. This, I believe, is accurate:

“When I get the ball in my hands I’m a different type of athlete,” Kelce said. “Gronk’s going to run around there like a Clydesdale, run through everything, like a big boulder. I’m more a guy who can make people miss, break somebody down with a juke move or slide off tackles. Gronk can just break everything.”

That comparison is accurate. The YAC is where Kelce might have an advantage over Gronk. YAC and health.

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