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Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill was close to breaking one at the Pro Bowl

Andy Reid called his shot, Alex Smith threw a touchdown pass, Travis Kelce danced ... how about Tyreek Hill at the Pro Bowl?

The KC Chiefs rookie got one of those gasps out of onlookers as he nearly took one back in the game last night.

You can see where he cleanly catches the punt. This is when I know he has a chance. If you’re not surrounding him when he makes the catch, he’s going to get your heart rate going when he makes his first cut.

There’s that first cut to the right and - this looks familiar - it’s a wall of red jerseys. Tyreek should be used to that. He brought this one back 38 yards before the Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliot, one of the two NFL offensive rookies who had a better year than Tyreek, pushed him out of bounds.

You can watch the play here (it will take you to twitter dot com).

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