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The Chiefs and Patriots are both very patient

Add now retired WR Steve Smith to the list of those who think the KC Chiefs are the biggest threats to the Patriots in the AFC. That’s been the theme of this year’s playoff coverage: Who can beat New England?

“I think the biggest threat can be potentially the Kansas City Chiefs,” Smith said Tuesday on ESPN. “Overall, they’re a more well-rounded team. I think, defensively, they create a lot of issues and then, offensively, they are very explosive but can become methodical down the field.”

I wouldn’t call the Chiefs offense explosive but they have some explosive players in Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill.

“When you’re playing the New England Patriots, you have to be patient,” Smith continued. “They do a very good job of making teams impatient a la the Baltimore Ravens. When you become very impatient, you start to do things that are uncharacteristic and when you do that you make mistakes. All of a sudden, you find yourself down 14 points in the beginning of the second quarter very quickly.”

The Chiefs, like the Patriots, are very patient. They don’t panic when they’re down 14 in the first half (even though they probably should). The Chiefs also went up to New England last year so I don’t think they’ll be intimidated if they have to again.

Check out the clip. Steve Smith is going to be awesome on TV.

It's Game Time.

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