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Dadi Nicolas’s ruptured patellar tendon is a tough injury

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Lost in the Kansas City Chiefs clinching the AFC West is news that rookie linebacker Dadi Nicolas ruptured his patellar tendon.

That’s unfortunate for him because this is a tough injury to overcome. Jimmy Graham, Victor Cruz and Cadillac Williams have all gone through it to varying success.

This ESPN story does a good job explaining what it is and why there’s more uncertainty than an ACL tear. A 2011 study found that 79 percent of 22 NFL players returned to play a down after rupturing their patellar tendon.

Nicolas wasn’t a major player on the Chiefs roster this season. Mostly special teams and the occasional mop-up duty at outside linebacker. However, the Chiefs want to keep their roster stocked with young pass rushers for the future. Nicolas showed some promise there.

Here’s to hoping he makes a full recovery.