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Chiefs Super Bowl odds, including odds of them playing the Cowboys

Bovada released a bunch of odds on the 2017 NFL playoff schedule including the Chiefs odds of winning it all. Those Chiefs odds remain behind the Steelers, which is interesting. The Steelers still have better Super Bowl odds. I’ll agree that their ceiling is higher than the Chiefs but they have nowhere near the consistency. I don’t see them winning three straight games to make it to the Super Bowl.

The Chiefs Super Bowl matchup with the highest odds of happening is against the Cowboys. The least likely is the Lions. Seeing the Packers would be a cool Super Bowl rematch for the Chiefs.

Super Bowl 51 odds

Patriots (19/10)

Cowboys (4/1)

Packers (7/1)

Steelers (8/1)

Falcons (9/1)

Chiefs (9/1)

Seahawks (14/1)

Giants (16/1)

Lions (66/1)

Texans (66/1)

Dolphins (66/1)

Raiders (66/1)

Exact Super Bowl matchup odds

Cowboys-Patriots (11/4)

Falcons-Patriots (11/2)

Packers-Patriots (11/2)

Seahawks-Patriots (9/1)

Cowboys-Chiefs (12/1)

Other Chiefs games:

Falcons-Chiefs (22/1)

Packers-Chiefs (22/1)

Seahawks-Chiefs (33/1)

Giants-Chiefs (50/1)

Lions-Chiefs (180/1)

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