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Stats confirm Tyreek Hill was the fastest player in the NFL, twice

The NFL does these Next Gen stats that cover everything from how fast someone was running to how quickly a quarterback gets the ball out. The Chiefs have the top two quarterbacks when it comes to quickest release time - Nick Foles and Alex Smith. Probably not a coincidence.

The Chiefs also have the fastest player in the NFL - TYreek Hill. We’ve been calling him the fastest player in the NFL for a while because you can tell just by watching him that he’s on another level.

The NFL’s Next Gen stats confirm that, indeed, Tyreek was the ball carrier in the NFL this year. Twice!

The fastest run by any player this year was Tyreek’s touchdown return in Houston that was called back because of a phantom holding call. He was going 23.24 miles per house.

The second fastest run by anyone came on his return in Denver that went 86 yards. That came off a free kick from the Chiefs safety with Tyreek hitting speeds of 22.77 miles per hour.

The next closest was DeSean Jackson at 22.6 miles per hour.

It's Game Time.

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