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Tyreek Hill is mic’d up, promptly slips catching a punt

Tyreek Hill is at his first Pro Bowl and he’s soaking it in. The Kansas City Chiefs mic’d up him and with his first trick he promptly ... slipped. writer Pete Sweeney asked him about it but he acted like he didn’t know.

All in good fun...

DeMarco Murray was in one shot and called Tyreek a “speed demon.”

On being at the Pro Bowl: “It feels good. It’s amazing to be around all this talent. I feel great. I feel comfortable being around coach Reid, coach Nags, coach Chilly.”

On the fans chanting his name: “You don’t understand what that felt like. It made me feel like I was up here but at the same time I had to humble myself and do everything I was taught to do, catching it, remembering which way the return is ... it’s an amazing feeling those fans chanting your name wanting you to make the big play.”

Tyreek Hill mic'd up. #ChiefsKingdom

Posted by The Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday, January 26, 2017

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