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Travis Kelce was asked about the Foot Locker ref enough that he finally apologized

I just posted today a story on the Eric Fisher holding call so I’m as guilty as anyone here talking about things in the past but can we now stop asking Travis Kelce about his reaction to the holding call?

It’s Super Bowl week so Kelce is making the media rounds and everyone is asking him about his reaction to the ref who made the call - you know, the one he said couldn’t work in a Foot Locker.

Kelce has stood his ground so far but, finally, he’s been asked about it enough that he’s finally apologized to the ref for what he said.

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, in an interview with Sal Paolantonio at the Pro Bowl, apologized for the first time to NFL referee Carl Cheffers, who Kelce criticized after the the divisional round of the playoffs for a holding call against left tackle Eric Fisher. "Carl, I'm sorry," Kelce said to Paolantonio.

OK, this is my last story on this. Until there’s another one.

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