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Chiefs’ Andy Reid on Alex Smith: ‘He’s our quarterback, by the way’

Chiefs coach Andy Reid had a great segment on Mike & Mike this morning. I’ll take some notes on some of the stuff that Reid had to say for a later post but I wanted to point out one quote from the Chiefs head coach.

Remember right after the season, Reid was asked if Alex was his quarterback next year. He didn’t really answer it directly, so that got people talking. He said that the season just ended, which was fair. He did say that the Chiefs could still win with Alex.

Now here’s Big Red talking to Mike & Mike about mobile quarterbacks and he stops to say this about Alex:

“I’m lucky enough to have Alex Smith, who I think is phenomenal and still can play,” Reid said. “I was asked that question like two seconds after the game and then it turned into, like, a controversy. He’s our quarterback, by the way, and he’s right here at the Pro Bowl so I think we’re going to keep him.”

Can you smell the sarcasm there? It’s safe to say that right now the Chiefs plan to have Alex Smith as their starting quarterback next year. I do believe that’s the right move ... if the Chiefs get a legitimate younger option from the draft to go with him.

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