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Have the Chiefs hit their ceiling? Travis Kelce doesn’t think so

Some say the Kansas City Chiefs have hit their max with Alex Smith. That the Chiefs can only go as far as the Divisional round with Alex, which they’ve done in each of the past two seasons.

Travis Kelce doesn’t think that. He thinks the Chiefs are going to take it to another level next year.

I really feel like next year we’re going to take it to another level,” Kelce said on ESPN’s Mike & Mike. “Ever since I’ve been in the league with coach Reid, every single year we’ve progressed. We see ourselves going even further next year.”

I’ll agree that the Chiefs have mostly gotten better each year. This year they had their most impressive wins and were a better team than they were last year.

But another level? The Chiefs need to prove they can do that because it sure looks like their ceiling is the Divisional round.

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