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Alex Smith ‘bummed’ way Chiefs season ended, still doesn’t agree with holding call

Alex Smith was on SportsCenter from the Pro Bowl in Orlando talking about the end of the Kansas City Chiefs season. We’ve heard nearly everyone’s opinion on the holding call against Chiefs LT Eric Fisher at the end of the game so I know some people are over it but Alex had some good thoughts on it.

“I think bummed for it to happen like that,” Alex said of the Chiefs season ending. ”Honestly, I felt like up to that point, the refs had done such a good job of letting the guys just play. It’s playoff football. You don’t want the game decided on anything kinda ticky-tacky. Let the guys play and let it be decided on the field. Now, obviously, the ref felt like something happened there. Certainly from our side, I didn’t even feel like it was pertinent to the play. It was so far behind the line of scrimmage. I felt like I stepped up. It wasn’t even close. It happened, you know? The call got made and it kinda got taken out of our hands. Bummed about that. Felt bad about Fish who was battling over there all day.”

What else is there to say? Video here:

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