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Husain Abdullah wants to give Eric Berry key to the city, barbecue to stay in KC

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You hear fans talk about giving a free agent whatever he wants to sign with their team. I’ve seen fans start a Go Fund Me to help their billionaire owner sign a free agent (which of course is not allowed).

Former Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah is a fan and sounds like a fan here when talking about Eric Berry.

Key to the city? Check.

Barbecue? Check.

Whatever he wants? Check.

There are many Chiefs fans who agree with Abdullah here. This is coming up today because Berry spoke to local reporters out in Olathe on Wednesday. He said he wants to stay in Kansas City and that his agent has talked to the Chiefs recently.

I bring Abdullah up here because Abdullah is only a year removed from playing with Berry and his thoughts are probably not all that different from some of Berry’s current teammates.