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Eric Berry’s agent, Chiefs have talked, Berry hopes to stay in KC

The Kansas City Chiefs and Eric Berry’s agent have talked recently. We don’t know the substance of those talks but Berry, who is scheduled to be a free agent in March, met reporters in Olathe on Wednesday and said he hopes things work out where he can stay in Kansas City beyond this spring.

“I hope so,” Berry said when asked if he was going to stay in KC. “I think my agent and them had a conversation yesterday or something. It’s early.”

The Chiefs could sign Berry to a new long-term deal, franchise tag him again for about $13 million or let him walk. One of the first two options seems like the most likely. Or at least those are the options Chiefs fans hope are on the table.

Berry isn’t playing in the Pro Bowl this week. He cited some things going on with his family when asked about it.

“I’m not scared of injury,” Berry said when asked about the Pro Bowl. “At this point, it’s going to be what it’s going to be. I just need time to reflect. I had a chance to go visit my aunt who’s battling cancer. I just feel like there’s a lot more things more important than the Pro Bowl going on right now that don’t really have anything to do with football. It’s more of a life thing, a family thing.”

Berry said he’s going to continue to prepare his body for next season and check on his family this offseason as he awaits his future.

Check out the video below via the Star:

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