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There are reasons to believe Chiefs will draft a quarterback high this year

There will be plenty of talk this year about the Kansas City Chiefs drafting a quarterback. I could be wrong but it feels like this is the year the Chiefs make a serious investment into the quarterback position with a high draft pick. Chiefs coach Andy Reid could surprise use and find another quarterback or go elsewhere, but it feels like this is the year they draft one high.

There are signs that the Chiefs could draft a quarterback this high. Not concrete signs, mind you. Big Red and John Dorsey aren’t telling me their plans. Reading the tea leaves, however, I could see it happening.

First, I look to last year. The Chiefs DID try to draft a first round quarterback - if we are to believe agent Leigh Steinberg, who says the Chiefs were one of the teams looking to move up for Paxton Lynch.

If the Chiefs were willing to draft one high last year then I bet they would be willing to draft one high this year ... IF the right quarterback was there.

Second, and this isn’t direct evidence that the Chiefs will draft a quarterback, but I found it interesting to see when the Eagles under Andy Reid moved away from Donovan McNabb. McNabb, like Alex, was 32 when the Eagles moved on after the 2009 season. He had just completed a season where he completed 60 percent of his passes, 22 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Not that different from Alex, who had a higher completion percentage but fewer touchdowns. It was a surprise when the Eagles decided to trade him. It would qualify as a surprise if the Chiefs moved on from Alex this offseason.

I’m not saying this is evidence the Chiefs will move on from Alex Smith but Big Red’s history keeps you on your toes.

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