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Chiefs add another Pro Bowler: DJ Alexander

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The Kansas City Chiefs added one more 2017 Pro Bowler. Linebacker DJ Alexander was named to the Pro Bowl as an alternate for Matthew Slater, who will play in the Super Bowl with the New England Patriots.

This is a special teams nod for Alexander. These positions rarely get noticed - unless you’re the guy returning a punt for a touchdown - so it’s cool to see the Chiefs get some recognition. I’m sure Dave Toub’s coaching and presence in KC didn’t hurt his selection.

Here are the Chiefs current Pro Bowlers:

  • S Eric Berry (replaced by S Darian Stewart)
  • CB Marcus Peters
  • TE Travis Kelce
  • WR Tyreek Hill
  • QB Alex Smith (alternate)
  • P Dustin Colquitt (alternate)
  • LB DJ Alexander (alternate)