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Randy Moss reminds Travis Kelce: ‘Straight cash, homey’

Randy Moss had one of the greatest lines in my sports life. He was fined for something or another years ago and a reporter asked him if he had written his check to the league yet. Moss said when you’re rich you don’t write checks. The reporter asked him how he pays then.

“Straight cash, homey.”

Great line at the time. It came back up this Sunday with Chiefs TE Travis Kelce visiting the ESPN pregame show before the AFC and NFC Championship games.

Kelce was fined twice for about $21,000 against the Steelers - one for his postgame Foot Locker rant, one for shoving a Steelers player.

“I stand by my statement,” Kelce said on ESPN. “If the NFL wants my money, they can have it.”

Kelce pulled out his checkbook and started writing a check.

“You’re writing a check?” Moss asked. “Kelce, we don’t write checks on here, bro.”

Moss pulls out a wad of money and ...

Green suit for a lot of green bills.

Watch the video here:

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