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Chiefs’ Chris Ballard declines interview for 49ers GM job, report says

Well, well, well. I wondered if this would happen. We noted earlier today multiple reports of the 49ers requesting permission to interview Chiefs director of football operations Chris Ballard for their vacant GM job after they fired Trent Baalke and Chip Kelly this week.

I noted that a few of the reports said merely that permission had been requested while a couple of other reports said that Ballard would actually be interviewing this week.

I noted that for a reason and it’s because this 49ers GM interview isn’t happening.

49ers owner Jed York had a pretty good run in with the media earlier today after they fired Chip Kelly. There are a number of stories out there and media folks wondering who would work with the 49ers when they have gone through three coach firings in two years.

Ballard seems to be at or near the top of the list according to most media lists of the top GM candidates. He can afford to wait for the right job.

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